Bodøregionens UtviklingsselskapNyheterNew BRUS board elected during the annual General Assembly 2023 meeting last Tuesday

New BRUS board elected during the annual General Assembly 2023 meeting last Tuesday


On Tuesday 9 May 2023, key representatives of BRUS have met for the GA 2023 in order to conclude the new board assembly. This important annual event was followed by Møteplass Salten last night, during which we among other things welcomed our new partners, board members and showed appreciation. We at BRUS are feeling positive about great strengths in numbers together, now with 46 businesses that invest money, time and resources in enhancement of our region.

From left to right: Rune Johansen, Maren Sivertsen and Fredrik Nordvik.

We congratulate and welcome our newly elected board members, Rune Johansen, CFO Gigante Havbruk, Maren Sivertsen, CFO Folden Akva and Fredrik Nordvik, CEO Nordvik. New Chairman of the board elected is Morten Christian Jakhelln.

Furthermore, we extend our gratitude to the departing board members, a life long chairman of the board, Tord Ueland Kolstad and board members, Mads Torrissen and Pål Einar Olsen of Invis. We would like to wish them all the best going forward.

Møteplass Salten was flowing with positive atmosphere with a lovely food and refreshments throughout in Ohma restaurant. It was great to meet all together and strengthen our network.

Special thanks go to the key speakers and presenters, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Maren Sivertsen & Espen Haaland.

What is good for our region is good for our businesses.

BRUS family is expanding

We are excited and welcome a new BRUS family member, Folden Akva, represented by Maren Sivertsen and CEO, Kristian Kristensen. Our own team has grown too as Pedro Rusinko recently joined as business developer and also gave a short presentation to all our guests, investors and partners.

The future looks bright.

Foto: Generalforsamling & Møteplass Salten in Ohma. Bdøregionens Utviklingsselskap