Bodøregionens UtviklingsselskapNyheterBlå Uke (The Blue Week) is a professional and cultural celebration of the sea.

Blå Uke (The Blue Week) is a professional and cultural celebration of the sea.


The main theme for this year's Blue Week 2023 is `Seafood, Ocean-Based Energy and Ocean Tech`


It has first seen the light of day in 2019 with ambition to become an annual festival that attracts everyone who works in, has an interest or is in some way interconnected with the ‘blue’, aquaculture industries.

This year’s Blue Week will commence at 11:15 in Quality Hotel Ramsalt on Tuesday 23 May and its organisers – Innovasjon Norge, Sparebank1 Nord-Norge & KPB – will bring you the opening conference called “Innovation Through Chaos”.

During the opening conference, you will have a unique opportunity to meet leading companies within marine energy, ocean tech and seafood. You can talk to potential partners, customers, industry colleagues and politicians, opening the doors to new business opportunities and synergies. In addition, the conference will offer inspiring lectures from world-leading innovators, who will provide valuable insight and knowledge about the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Our CEO, Elnar Remi Holmen is one of the main speakers of the event. 

A number of different seminars and events during The Blue Week will focus on variety of specific issues, such as resource management, spatial planning and coexistence between different industries, product development, political framework conditions, littering of the oceans, development of new types of biological production, etc.

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