Bodøregionens UtviklingsselskapNyheterA huge contract has a winner. This means great news for the region, securing 3000 new workplaces.

A huge contract has a winner. This means great news for the region, securing 3000 new workplaces.


This contract marks a new milestone In the NBNF project. This gives not only the region more needed work places, but also value creation to our society, says Elnar Remy Holmen, CEO at BRUS.

The contract was awarded to Peab after a thorough evaluation process and strong competition from two other contractors. With a turnover of NOK 60 billion and 16,000 employees, Peab is well-equipped for the project. This contract, valued at NOK 2.2 billion, marks the first of two major contracts for the airport project, with the second contract involving the construction of the terminal building. The goal is to finalize the terminal contract by the end of the year, with construction planned to begin on April 1, 2025.

Peab’s selection as the contractor for the aircraft side of New Bodø Airport came after careful consideration. The flyside includes runways, taxiways, and aircraft stands, making it a significant part of the overall project. Avinor’s CEO, Abraham Foss, expressed satisfaction with the decision and looks forward to collaborating with Peab. Foss noted the intense competition among competent providers and highlighted Peab’s ability to deliver the best offer based on the evaluation criteria.

The selection process for the contract considered various factors, including price, task understanding, and personnel. Peab stood out with its well-suited key personnel, their strong performance during the evaluation process, and their commitment to reducing the project’s environmental impact. The awarded contract follows an interaction approach, requiring collaboration between Peab and Avinor to finalize the design and cost aspects of the flyside facilities.

Photo source: Avinor

New Bodø airport
The New Bodø Airport project aims to open for operational activities in 2029, boasting a new terminal with a capacity of 2.3 million passengers per year. During construction, around 350 companies will be involved, providing employment for 3,000 workers. The project involves moving 3.5 million cubic meters of rock and loose materials and asphalting an area equivalent to nearly 100 football pitches. The total floor area of the terminal and operations building will be 25,000 square meters, five times larger than Oslo Spektrum.

Avinor has opted for a collaborative contracting approach with a target price, allowing early involvement of the contractor’s expertise. This approach facilitates optimization of technical solutions and construction methods in the initial phase. The aim is to reach an agreed target price before commencing the construction phase, ensuring cost efficiency, innovation, and reduced risk. Avinor prioritizes user participation and quality risk mitigation throughout the project.

The new airport project in Bodø is a joint effort between Avinor, Bodø municipality, and the Norwegian Armed Forces, with a total budget of NOK 7.2 billion. Avinor will contribute NOK 2.6 billion, while the remaining funding comes from the state, Bodø municipality, and Nordland county council. After the contract signing, an optimization phase will begin, focusing on finding the best solutions for the subsequent construction phase. Avinor aims to create a new, future-oriented, and environmentally friendly airport that the region can take pride in.