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Welcome to Bodø business region

Bring your business to our attractive, strategic and thriving Bodø region.

What is good for our region is good for our businesses. 

Our main objective as a regional business development organisation is to promote and enhance Bodø business region, encourage local collaborations and attract external investment. We help investors, business owners and companies find their way to Bodø Region.

What do we do in BRUS:
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Value Trough Network
The Natural Host / Go-To Partner


We are the essential partner for investors, business owners, knowledge communities, companies and public enterprises who wish to establish and succeed in the Arctic North. Regardless of your industry, or the stage of development your business is in, we will guide you to the right place.

We provide advisory, guidance, political support and network. Our network consists of the know-how and special competences in energy production, power grid distribution, aviation, aquaculture and seafood, property development, finance, technology, IT and so on.

BRUS also works on influencing regional, national and international processes and decisions which affect the conditions of business development and growth in our region. 

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Access. Logistics. Infrastructure.

Commercial Land Plots / Power Grid Distribution

Are you looking to establish a business branch, factory or an industrial site? Whatever the business you are into, we can guide you, advise, support and open the right door.

We have essential knowledge and access to business locations and commercial land plots for all purposes which offer a huge value to new business establishments. We poses knowledge and special competencies in energy production and power grid distribution, crucial for any business operations.

Good logistics and infrastructure systems are single most essential requirements for efficient and sustainable commercial operations. We also invest a lot of effort in developing more direct routes (including cargo) at Bodø Airport with focus on green aviation. 

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Matching Recruitment Demands
Bridging Education-Employment Gaps 


We are dedicated to fostering a brighter future through strategic collaborations with educational institutions. We understand that education is the key to personal and societal advancement, and that’s why we specialise in working hand-in-hand with the Municipality, schools, colleges, and universities, Nord University and Arctic University of Tromsø. to establish new educational programs.

We have a deep understanding of unique needs and goals of businesses we partner with. Whether it’s designing a curriculum that adapts to current industry demands or establishing new bachelor and masters study programs, we are here to meet any specific requirements.

We bridge the gap between academia and industry. By connecting educators with experts, businesses, and resources, we empower institutions to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in today’s competitive world. Through collaboration with educational institutions, we are committed to shaping the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers. 

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Consultancy. Advisory. Business Analysis.
We are here for you!


We are your trusted go-to partner in business expansion and growth. We specialise in providing guidance, expert advisory services and unique support to businesses aspiring to establish and flourish in our vibrant region.

Navigating the complexities of entering a new market or scaling your operations can be daunting and we understand both the challenges and opportunities our region offers. We bring a wealth of local knowledge, market insights, a robust network and political influence to the table, with tailored solutions to your specific needs. Whether you’re a startup looking to set roots or an established enterprise aiming to expand, we can help you chart a successful course. From market research and regulatory compliance to strategic planning and local partnerships, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that your business thrives in our dynamic region.

Let us help you do business in the Bodø Region. Together, we can turn your aspirations into reality.

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Influential Business Events
High level meeting places


We take pride in orchestrating one of Northern Norway’s most prestigious business and political gatherings, uniting a diverse assembly of top-tier business leaders, influential politicians, and dedicated partners committed to advancing urban and business development in Bodø and its surrounding areas. 

Our high level gatherings serve as a catalyst for meaningful dialogues, fostering collaboration and innovative ideas that can shape the future of Bodø and the region. These events act as an essential platform for exchanging insights, cultivating partnerships, and driving economic progress. By bringing together luminaries from the worlds of business and politics, we inspire positive change, forward-thinking solutions and steer Northern Norway towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

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BRUS is 100% privately owned by 45 largest and most important business players in Bodø region.

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Employees (350 apprentices)

Turnover (Mil i 2022)

Salaries (Mil i 2022)

Our mission

We enhance and promote the Bodø region in order to encourage local cooperations and attract external investments. We strive for improved, competitive and attractive commercial conditions in Bodø and the region.

Our goal

Value creation in our region. Achieving a sustainable business development, to create more jobs, more investment and strengthened collaborations between business and public administration.

Our strategy

We create meeting places and networking arenas, we provide knowhow, establish business. We connect opportunities and open door for collaborations that bring investment and enable establishments of new businesses, generate jobs and needs for specific competencies.



New business


Skills supply


Meet and contact the administration of BRUS, the Bodø Business Region Development Co.

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Project Manager


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Let us help you find your way around Bodø Business Region.

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