BLU at Inter Airport Europe 2023, Munich:

International breakthrough for Northern Norwegian climate-neutral aviation ambition

This year, BLU had the privilege of participating in Inter Airport Europe 2023, the premier one-stop event for the entire airport industry. The convention, held in Munich, Germany, showcased the latest innovations and trends in the aviation sector, offering a glimpse into the future of airport technology and services. 

As one of the exhibitors at Inter Airport Europe, together with our project partners Energi I Nord, Lofoten the Green Islands 2023, Opscom, Avinor and Bodø Kommune, we seized the opportunity to introduce our ambitious initiative – the “Zero Emission Regional Aviation in Northern Norway” We have a unique collaboration on green aviation, and have attracted a lot of attention both nationally and internationally.

We engaged with industry experts, airport operators, and technology partners, sharing our vision for sustainable regional aviation. We showcased our progress in developing low-emission aircraft, optimising airport infrastructure for electric and hybrid aircraft, and implementing eco-friendly airport practices.

Our delegation was led by CEO Elnar Holmen, BRUS/BLU and special adviser Anders Tørud from Energi i Nord.

“It is no exaggeration that our northern Norwegian project is now making a unique international breakthrough. We have agreements with some of Europe’s most important aviation companies, and now we are expanding with agreements with airports and regions in important countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium – and eventually several others,” says aviation program manager at BLU, Einar Sorensen, responsible for the Munich-programme and  international relations.

Workshop with Deutsche Aircraft
The Munich program, starting on Monday, October 9, featured a full-day workshop in collaboration with Deutsche Aircraft, focusing on climate-neutral aviation. The program, jointly led by BLU and DA, included experts in aircraft development, fuel, airports, and community interests.

Notably, Green H from Norway garnered attention for their hydrogen production project in Bodø harbour, serving ferry operations across Vestfjord and potentially supplying hydrogen to Bodø New Airport. The latter was presented by Avinor’s project manager, John Eivind Skogøy.

Norwegian Airlines, represented by Kristoffer Gustavsen, Manager of Public Affairs and Sustainability, discussed their approach to achieving climate-neutral operations. DA emphasised the DA 328 eco project, set for trial operation in 2026.

Hamburg Airport provided insight into its ongoing conversion efforts, and the workshop included a special display in DA’s production hangar, showcasing a “mock-up” of the future’s climate-neutral regional aircraft cockpit.

Northern Norway, with its unique geography and climate, presents a distinct set of challenges and opportunities. Our project explores innovative solutions for regional aviation, aiming to make air travel more eco-friendly without compromising convenience and accessibility.

The reception to our “Zero Emission Regional Aviation in Northern Norway” project was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating a shared commitment to a more sustainable aviation industry. Through our participation in Inter Airport Europe, we not only contributed to the discourse on green aviation but also established invaluable partnerships and collaborations to drive this project forward.

Lelystad Airport, our new collaboration partner
We held an important and productive meeting with senior representatives from Lelystad airport, near Schiphol – Amsterdam and Flevoland region in Netherland and the discussions were nothing short of promising. German and French airports joined us by TEAMS. 

A particular point of interest for Lelystad was GreenH’s plans for hydrogen production at Bodø harbour. Green hydrogen is gaining traction as a clean energy source, and its potential applications in various sectors, including transportation and aviation, are substantial. Lelystad, a city with the sea access just a stone’s throw away, is also diligently working on plans for a similar hydrogen production facility to serve both ship traffic and the local airport.

The synergy between the two cities’ visions is evident, and the potential for collaboration and knowledge exchange is exciting. Lelystad’s representatives left the stand with a strong desire to learn more and potentially collaborate on sustainable initiatives. As a result, a visit to Bodø is now high on their wish list, reflecting the growing importance of shared efforts in creating a greener, more sustainable future for both cities and beyond.


Leads generation for BLU
As a result of our strong presence at the convention we´ve generated a few strong leads to be followed up. Representatives from Poland’s aviation authority seeks to establish closer ties, aiming to integrate Polish airports into our cluster. 

At the French pavilion, Zenith Aerotechnics, specialising in airport fuel storage and distribution technologies, is eager to collaborate on R&D for new fuel systems, especially for emerging fuels. With their expansion into Germany and Finnish management, they are open to cooperation on a joint project in 2024

Inter Airport Europe 2023 was an outstanding platform to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, and network with aviation professionals who share our vision for a sustainable aviation industry. Our presence at the event was a significant step toward realising the “Zero Emission Regional Aviation in Northern Norway” project, and we are excited about the positive impact it will have on the future of aviation in our region and beyond.